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Focussed Psychological Strategies (FPS) refers to specific mental healthcare treatments based on evidence-based psychological therapies.

Under the Better Access initiative, GPs who are registered FPS providers can use a range of recognised FPS that fall into the following categories:




To develop skills in the provision of evidence-based psychological interventions as part of a GP Mental Health Treatment Plan (GP MHTP) for common mental health illnesses.

Key learning outcomes




RACGP and/or ACRRM accreditation.

Training must include 20 hours minimum of education – comprising of 12 hours minimum of face-to-face or live interacting training and 8 hours interactive structured learning.

Must include predisposing and reinforcing activities.

Must have carer and consumer involvement in the planning, development, delivery and review of the activity. Representative profiles for current National register members can be viewed on the Mental Health Australia website.

Must have GP involvement in the planning, development, delivery and review of the activity.

For additional information on the requirements for FPS ST, download the Mental health training standards 2020 – 22: a guide for training providers.

Application and adjudication process

  1. Complete FPS ST application for GPMHSC accreditation 2020–22.
  2. Pre-adjudication by the GPMHSC Secretariat.
  3. Adjudication by the GPMHSC Committee during the committee meeting following submission of final application. See Committee meeting dates for more information.
  4. The training provider is notified in writing of the adjudication outcome following the committee meeting.

For more information on the application and adjudication process, download the Mental health training standards 2020–22: a guide for training providers.



Training provider can use GPMHSC approved logo on advertising and marketing materials.

GPs will be eligible to claim MBS items 2721–2727 (or non-VR equivalent; 283–287) upon successful completion of accredited FPS ST courses.



Upon successful completion of an accredited FPS ST course, GPs can apply to Medicare Australia as a registered provider of FPS.

GPs are required to complete the application to register as a GP provider of FPS with Medicare form and send supporting documentation to



GPMHSC-application-form-to-register-as-a-GP-provider-of-FPS.pdf Mental-health-training-standards-2020-22_A-guide-for-training-providers.pdf FPS-ST-Application-for-GPMHSC-accreditation-2020-22.pdf Supporting-safe-and-effective-management-and-participation-of-people-with-lived-experience.pdf