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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You will need to complete a Mental Health Skills Training (MHST) activity accredited by the GPMHSC. MHST (also known as Level 1 training) is a minimum of 6 hours of education and can be completed online, face-to-face or through blended mode.
View accredited MHST courses.
You will need to complete a Focused Psychological Strategies Skills Training (FPS ST) activity accredited by the GPMHSC. FPS ST (also known as Level 2 training) is a minimum of 21 hours of education.

View accredited FPS ST courses.

Claims may be rejected by Medicare for a number of reasons. Most commonly, this occurs because the GPMHSC has not reported your MHST completion to Medicare.

The GPMHSC requires your Medicare provider number in order to report your MHST completion.

For more information on the reporting process, please email or call 03 8699 0556.
Upon successful completion of an accredited FPS ST activity, you can apply to Medicare Australia as a registered provider of FPS.

GPs are required to complete the application to register as a GP provider of FPS with Medicare form and send supporting documentation to

The GPMHSC will advise Medicare that you have completed your FPS ST. Medicare will update your record and advise you in writing when this has occurred, usually within 4–6 weeks after your application is received.
To maintain your registration with Medicare Australia as a FPS provider, during each triennium after the triennium in which you first receive registration, you need to complete at least one FPS Continuing Professional Development (CPD) course.

This will ensure continued use of MBS items that relate to the provision of FPS. For example, if you are registered as a FPS provider in the 2017–19 triennium, you must complete at least one FPS CPD course during the 2020–22 triennium and one in every subsequent triennium.

View accredited FPS CPD courses.

Alternatively, you may self-record an activity you believe extends skills in FPS and therefore qualifies for FPS CPD. Please contact the GPMHSC Secretariat if you would like more information about recording a self-directed activity by calling us on 03 8699 0556 or emailing
There are two options of completing Mental Health Skills Training (MHST):
  • MHST primary pathway, or
  • MHST modular pathway.

The MHST primary pathway is six-hour (at minimum) activity that can be completed online or face-to-face. The MHST primary pathway is designed for general practice registrars and other doctors entering Australian general practice, however can be completed by any GPs wishing to extend their skills in primary mental health.

To satisfy the requirements of the MHST modular pathway, you must complete one Core Module (three hours) and one Clinical Enhancement Module (four hours). The MHST modular pathway is catered for more experienced GPs who assess, treat and manage complex mental health issues in their practices.

View accredited MHST courses.

The GPMHSC will advise Medicare Australia of your MHST completion only when the following requirements are met:
  • Successful completion of an accredited MHST activity (can be either the primary pathway or modular pathway) and;
  • Your Medicare provider number has been supplied to the GPMHSC.
Please ensure that the GPMHSC has a record of your Medicare provider number by, calling 03 8699 0556 or emailing

The GPMHSC sends a fortnightly update to Medicare Australia, reporting GPs who have met the above requirements. Medicare will contact all eligible GPs by mailing a letter within 4–6 weeks after the reporting date. Please ensure that Medicare have your correct address details by calling the provider registration team on 132 150.
Do not use the higher MBS item numbers until you have been advised by Medicare. If you must submit a claim in the meantime, please do so using the lower MBS item numbers (2700, 2701), then once your eligibility has been approved, you can re-submit the same claims back to the date you completed your MHST training and Medicare will honour the difference.

Please contact the provider registration team at Medicare on 132 150 for more information on resubmitting claims. 
Most commonly, when claims for MBS items 2721–2727 are rejected, the application and eligibility status as a GP provider of FPS is still pending.

Additionally, if you have not met the mandatory requirement to complete at least one FPS CPD activity every triennium, you may have issues claiming MBS items 2721–2727.

Please email or call 03 8699 0556 for more information.
In exceptional circumstances, the GPMHSC can award a GP exemption from completing MHST and/or FPS ST accreditation in order to gain access to mental healthcare items through the MBS.

 Although the GPMHSC strongly recommends that all GPs complete mental health training, if you can demonstrate that you have achieved the learning objectives of MHST (Primary Pathway or Modular Pathway) and/or FPS ST, you can apply for an exemption.

For more details on the exemption process, please download the application for exemption of MHST and/or FPS ST.