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How do I become a registered provider of FPS?

GPs must:
  1. Complete an accredited MHST course.
  2. Complete an accredited FPS ST course.
  3. Complete application to register as a GP provider of FPS with Medicare Australia and attach certificate of completion to

The GPMHSC will forward your application to Medicare Australia.

Medicare will mail you a letter within 4–6 weeks, confirming your eligibility as a FPS provider and access to MBS items 2721–2727 (or non-VR equivalent; 283–287).

For more information on this process, review the 'becoming an accredited MHST provider – a step-by-step process' guide. 

Please note: you cannot claim against these item numbers until you receive this letter.

Maintaining your registration as an FPS provider


To maintain registration with Medicare Australia as a FPS provider, GPs are required to complete at least one FPS CPD course every triennium (beginning after the first triennium in which FPS ST was completed).

This will ensure continued use of MBS items that relate to the provision of FPS (2721–2717 (or non-VR equivalent; 283–287).

View accredited FPS CPD courses.



GPMHSC_Becoming-a-registered-GP-provider-of-FPS.pdf GPMHSC-application-form-to-register-as-a-GP-provider-of-FPS.pdf