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Invitation to participate in research on language used in children’s mental health

The Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (MCRI) is undertaking a research project looking at language that may be used for a child mental health continuum. The project, which is funded by the Australian Mental Health Commission, will investigate how to better descriptions can help to support the way children are diagnosed with mental health conditions.

We know health professionals, schools and families use different language to talk about children’s mental health. For example, schools tend to use word such as ‘wellbeing’ and ‘resilience’, while health professionals use terms such as ‘problems’, ‘disorder’, and ‘DSM-based diagnoses’.

This lack of a common language has acted as a barrier in efforts to make child mental health a policy and funding priority.

GPs with a minimum five years’ experience working with children aged 2–12 are invited to be part of this study. This will involve completing three online surveys over the next 2–3 months (a total time of about 1.5 hours). GPs are also encouraged to invite parents and caregivers to be part of this study.

Visit the MCRI website to complete an
expression of interest form or email Kate Paton on for more information about participating in the study.