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Reviewing a mental health care plan – What GPs should know


GPs who complete GPMHSC-accredited Mental Health Skills Training are eligible to claim higher rebates under the MBS Better Access initiative. This includes the use of MBS items 2712, 2715 and 2717 for the development and review of a GP Mental Health Treatment Plan (GPMHTP).

MBS item 2712 can be claimed when a GP reviews a patient’s mental health care plan and does not have to be used to access additional sessions. GPs can claim a different MBS item number, like 2713 or 36/44 and still conduct a review. The Department of Health recommends at least one formal review should occur four weeks to six months after the completion of a GPMHTP.

For more information on the steps involved in a review of a GPMHTP, visit the Department of Health website